Corporate Wellbeing

We dream to boost all people to more wellbeing by creating healthy habits for body & mind.

Because this will result in a better world of high performers

Anouk is the driving force behind BOOST, she knows what it is to train, fuel, recover & focus as an athlete but she also understands the corporate world. Depending on the  needs she teams up with other experts.

Let’s BOOST it together!

System thinking on health@work

Health & performance

Companies performing at a high level thrive on healthy people both on mental and physical level. That’s why BOOST offers an integral wellbeing system to make wellbeing part of your company culture.

We believe in an holistic approach that has 4 main building blocks:

As every company is unique,  the way these building blocks are put into practice is different. A wellbeing program must fit the (desired) culture and the different actions should cover the companies most important values.

For change efforts to be effective, the program is made together with the people who have to deal with the change.

BOOST beliefs & principles

  • Behaviour change is boosted by: knowledge + awareness + action
  • Potential & connection are boosted through movement. A practical and fun way regardless of position in the company.
  • Simple: we boost stunning results by taking small steps over time . Choice overload is overwhelming and leads often to indecision.
  • Passion: we have a unlimited enthousiasm to boost physical & mental wellbeing today but also in the future.
  • Doing good: what counts in live is how much good we can do for each other and for future generations. That’s why we believe in connecting with social organizations.
  • Sweating & feeling good!