Meet Anouk

Anouk Doore

Many years I worked as a consultant, at some of the Big 4 Companies and a smaller company. For a part of my job I had to travel and my running shoes where always a standard luggage item. Running kept me physically & mentally fit, no matter where I was, it was always an option. I had the opportunity to work 1 year in Canada, and there the sport-microbe hit me even more. I was close to the mountains and I mixed running with skiing. I worked hard, with passion and I discovered even more how sports and being outdoors, impacted my way of working and certainly my way of living. During these years I also witnessed what the opposite was doing with a lot of people…

Back home I didn’t want to give up what I experienced abroad. The mountains where not that close anymore so I needed to get myself organised and plan ahead. It motivated me to step into a new adventure. First of all, sports. Quite late I started to compete in international skimountaineering racing with an ambitious goal (for those interested, check it out) I managed to combine with my job as a consultant. After ending competitions, I combined working and studying and I became a physical coach. And soon it all came together. The people I train, the companies I work for as a freelance advisor, made me realize more and more how important wellbeing at work is. I started to study more about wellbeing and positive psychology. I don’t want to sound fluffy,… and I rather call it ‘workplace-happiness’. It’s the way I want to boost people to more experienced wellbeing because this will result in a better world of happy and healthy performers. I bring together my experience in sports and business to inspire people for new thinking to occur so that realistic and practical changes are made in daily lives!

For companies wanting to get ahead of the curve through a sustainable pace of work, I joined forces with other experts and create taylor made programs with PACE.