How can I help you?

“Body and mind are intertwined. The way we think influences what we do, what we do influences the way we think. It is not a one-way street.”

My career as a consultant and athlete, mixed with my expertise as a performance trainer are the right and unique cocktail to pave the path to workplace-happiness in your company. This does not mean that my work is ‘happy-flappy’, I follow scientific research and trainings that are evidence-based. Whenever needed I involve other experts, together we help you to craft an integral wellbeing system:

  • Physical. I experience every day the importance of movement and sports: the productivity boost on our brain and the vitamins for our body are key for focus and productivity in our daily jobs. It is proven that movement and sports redesign our brain thanks to the release of feel-good hormones and the brain’s growth factor. In addition it’s a fun way to connect people, regardless of their position.
    Getting the right fuels and enough recovery are both also very important to perform at our best.
  • Mental. it’s important to set the right goals, it’s what we need to make choices and stay focused on what we want to achieve. I manage this every day in my job as a consultant and in my personal life as sports fanatic. By changing our thoughts, we can influence our behaviour. Like movement can redesign our brain, by training our mind we can also redesign our brains.
    A healthy mind and body are both key for sustainable high performance
  • Organisational. Structures and processes impact the way people work and perform. It’s important to always remember why we do something. I see a lot of people working in silo’s with a lot of rules, busy with the next meeting, the next email,….There are a lot of studies showing that when employees have autonomy at work and doing work that’s meaningful, they are happier and more engaged.

Compose the cocktail your company needs:

As every company has unique needs, each program must fit the (desired) culture.

I will walk you through the possibilities and we can see if I can help, or what offering fits your needs.

My promise is to help you ?

  • The team makes the dream.
  • A stronger connected team.
  • Engaged and loyal employees.
  • An increase of productivity.
  • A direct impact on company results.